Matt Dirksen is an internationally published photographer with a strong passion to tell the stories of people and the outdoors. 

Matt is passionate about the details that make a photograph compelling: Light, Shadows, Composition, and Emotion. In every image he captures you will find his devotion to share the stories of people & wild places. His ability to create impactful moments with a creative vision continues to remain timeless. 

Matt offers personalized services for clients who appreciate a close, behind-the-scenes, hands-on approach. His process is simple: make this the most compelling image in this moment of time. 

As a full-time professional photographer, he specializes in documentary, outdoors, and commercial photography. Based out of Denver, CO, he especially loves the high alpine lakes and forests of the rockies, scenes of the American West and Southwest, and the vast savannas of Africa.

Currently, Matt is the team photographer for the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club. 


“The visual is always more powerful than words

– Sir David Attenborough